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Pupil Premium Statement



What is pupil premium? The Pupil Premium is funding allocated to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. Pupil Premium is allocated to children on roll who;


· Have received Free school Meals (FSM) in the last 6 years


· Post Looked After Children are pupil who are looked after before being adopted, or were placed on

special guardianship or residence order immediately after being looked after


· Have parents in the armed forces or have been in the last 3 years


· Looked after Children funding is a separated allocation and is paid termly


Type of Pupil Premium

Number of children receiving it 2016/17


Free School Meals



Service Family



Post LAC









What is it used for? At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School we believe that every child should be supported to achieve success academically, socially and physically. The targeted and strategic use of Pupil Premium supports us in achieving this. Schools decide on how best to use the Pupil Premium and we are required to publish how the money is used each year.







How Pupil Premium for 2016/17 has been spent

Key Action




SENCO to oversee SEN pupil premium children and liaise with class teacher and SLT.

Close the gap between SEN pupil premium children and their peers.

SEN pupil premium children are able to access the new curriculum and progress is in line with peers. Relevant interventions for SEN/ PP children Rigorous assessment of SEN/PP children


Train an LSA to become an ELSA who will support vulnerable children.


Families of pupil premium children are well supported.

More specific emotion needs are dealt with so children are happy and ready to learn.








Families of pupil premium children are supported

Needs of children are dealt with so children are happy and ready to learn.



FFT Training 1x TA Key Stage 1

Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through training TAs to deliver Reading Intervention programmes KS 1 a



TA interventions

6x TAs carry out interventions in Maths & English each afternoon across Key Stage 1 & 2

TAs support pupils with specific targeted support as a result of daily AfL. Teachers plan and assess individual needs of pupils.


TA Support Key Stage 1 & 2

6x TAs (excluding EYFS) work in the classroom supporting the class teacher who will be giving guided focused provision to PP children

To secure positive outcomes for children


Provide financial support for residential and day visits.

Ensure that children from low income families do not miss out on opportunities.

Pupil premium children participate in all aspects of school life. Enrich their curriculum and make a school a rewarding place to be.