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Who's Who

Meet the staff at St Mary's Catholic Primary!


HEADTEACHER                                                                            Mrs J Pavitt
ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER                                                          Mrs Z Flanagan & Miss S Bonwick
EARLY YEARS/RECEPTION                                                           Mrs K Reynolds/Mrs G DeCat
RECEPTION /YEAR 1                                                                    Mrs L Hicks
YEAR 1/2                                                                                      Mrs A Howard & Mrs L Gaglani
YEAR 2                                                                                          Mrs Z Flanagan
YEAR 3                                                                                          Mr B Page
YEAR 3/4                                                                                      Mrs N Priestley & Mrs E Bailey
YEAR 4/5                                                                                      Mr S O'Donnell
YEAR 5                                                                                          Mr I Roper (Supply Cover)
YEAR 6                                                                                          Miss S Bonwick
SenCo                                                                                          Mrs C Llewellyn
PPA Cover                                                                                   Mr R Stroud
SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER                                                  Mrs H Cook
ADMIN ASSISTANT                                                                       Mrs S Beesley
SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANTS                                                       Mrs M Dellow
                                                                                                     Mrs K Furlong
                                                                                                     Mrs P Mercer

                                                                                                 Mrs M Robinson

                                                                                                     Mrs N Shaw
Mrs B Skonieczna
                                                                                                     Mrs S Glanville
TEACHING ASSISTANTS                                                               Mrs J Hardwick
                                                                                                     Mrs K Dight
                                                                                                     Mrs J Dougan
                                                                                                     Mrs A Filkins
                                                                                                     Mrs C Fox (HLTA)
                                                                                                     Mrs Wai Leng Humphries
Mrs R Negus
                                                                                                     Mrs K Merryfield
                                                                                                     Mrs P Mercer
                                                                                                     Mrs V Elliott


PALS (Pastoral and Learning Support) Team                          Mrs M Robinson

                                                                                                     Mrs K Dight

                                                                                                     Mrs A Britton


TEACHERS' ASSISTANT                                                                Mrs A Britton
CARETAKER                                                                                 Mr P Queree


CLEANERS                                                                               Mrs H Medhurst
                                                                                                 Mrs B Redman
                                                                                                 Mrs K Merryfield
COOK SUPERVISOR                                                                    Mrs Mulachy     
SENIOR LUNCHTIME SUPERVISOR                                              Mrs T Robinson

LUNCHTIME SUPERVISORS                                                         Mrs H Medhurst
                                                                                                     Mrs B Redman
                                                                                                     Mrs Potter
                                                                                                     Mrs M Martinisi
                                                                                                     Mrs E Pokrywka
                                                                                                     Miss P Barton

                                                                                                     Ms A Windatt

                                                                                                     Miss J Love


CROSSING WARDEN                                                                  Mrs T Robinson