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‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Home Learning Photos

Leah has grown a sunflower at home whilst the school has been closed. Well done Leah!

Leah is proud of her sunflower!

Maya's sunflowers are growing nicely. You have been looking after them really well.

Oh my Sienna, these are amazing. From a tiny seedling to a beautiful sun flowere, well done!

Aaron Yr1, has completed this week's home learning. Well done!

Computing learning from Sienna Yr1.

Sienna Yr1, her sunflower is growing nicely.

Sienna Yr1, has been outside for her daily exercise. What a lovely photo.

Sienna Yr1, has a special message for Miss Speirs.

Still image for this video

Miss Speirs, Maya says, "What letter am I signing?"

What a lovely colourful poster you have made.

Maya Yr1, has created a time line of her day.

Leo has again been working hard with his home learning.Well done Leo!

Ayona Yr1, has completed her work with beautiful handwriting. Well done Ayona.

Taylor has drawn some aliens and given them names using a_e, i_e & ue. He has also extended the four things activity and drew a comic strip about what he does when he gets up.

Maya's sunflower update - the seedlings are being moved to bigger pots.

What a lovely statement Aaron has written about the NHS!

Aaron Yr1, has been busy making aeroplanes and testing out how far they can fly.

Aaron Yr1, has been busy making biscuits, with his sister!

Ayona Yr 1, has produced some fantastic work, well done!

Ayona Yr1, has been helping out in the kitchen!

Leo has been working hard on his home learning. Well done Leo!

Logan has been using pasta to help him estimate with his maths.

An update on how Maya's sunflower seeds are growing. Well done Maya!

Maya has been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo. She has practiced using scissors by creating her own monster.

More home learning from Sienna. Well done Sienna.

Maya has made a repeating pattern and what a fantastic caterpillar!

Sienna's sunflowers have grown. Wow you must have been talking to them lots!

Ayona Yr 1, has created her Bumblebear and writing nursery rhymes.

Kai Yr4, has been learning about the human body.

Logan Yr 4, has created an amazing comic strip.

Taylor Yr1, has been counting in 2s and 10s using nerf gun bullets.

Maya is watering the sunflowers, they have started to grow. She has also helped prepare her lunch, well done Maya it looks scrummy.

Leo Yr1, has been working hard on his suffixes and has written a lovely letter to Miss Speirs.

Sienna Yr1, received a very special letter today!

Mmm! Dexter Yr5, has been baking Banana Cake, one of my favourites.

Sienna Yr1, has received a special postcard from Miss Speirs for completing her home learning. Well done Sienna!

Sunflower update on Maya's sunflowers.

Taylor has extended his home learning by creating his own game.

Well done Francis Yr5, he cooked dinner for his family today.

Maya has redesigned the front cover for The Bumble Bear and created her own book character.

Leo Yr1, has been working really hard. I love your table and chair Leo!

Sienna has been using her numbers and weighing skills to bake a carrot cake and it looks delicious.

Maya Yr1, has been planting sunflower seeds. We are all looking forward to seeing them grow.

Maya Yr1, helped her Mummy write this weeks shopping list with fab illustrations. Well done!

Maya Yr1, has been using play dough to make er, ir and ur words.

Maya Yr1, has created a fleet of aeroplanes and tested which design flys the furthest.

Leo Yr1, has been working very hard with his home learning and he has learnt to spelling the numbers 1 to 10. Well done Leo!

Sienna has written an entry in her Teddy Diary.

Sienna made paper aeroplanes and tested them out on her daily walk. The plane with the arch on top flew the best.

Maya, Yr 1 has created a number line using recycled pouch tops.

Maya and Princess Poppy have been working with even numbers

Maya and Princess Poppy have been recapping their learning using odd numbers

Sienna Yr 1, has been learning about looking after plants. This is her with her sunflower plant. She told us plants need water, earth, food and plenty of sun. Also talking to them helps.

Well done Maya Yr 1, she has sent us an example of her home learning... Create 4 drawings of anything you like...Then, fold them to show what 1/2 would look like

Arianna has been busy over the past few weeks

Kai has been busy doing online math games and making a bird feeder, kaia also been learning how to ride his bike. We hope you are all keeping well.