St Mary'sCatholic Primary School

‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Y6 Residential Trip


Day 1


Y6 safely on our way ...Gosport ferry!

@ PGL...

Hot and tired but now found rooms 
Fed and watered and onto their first activity Robot Wars! 


Day 2

This morning was archery 

Tunnel trail.
Some children were very brave and conquered their fears 😁

Brilliant day have loved it x 


Day 3


Another busy day at PGL...
This morning was buggy building ...great team working skills 
Then fencing where we learnt some basic skills and had a mini fencing competition. 
After a stop to fill up at lunchtime  ...lots of children and lots of food in the dining room...we were off again 
We walked into the woods to practise our survival skills...see the lean-to shelters we made...and then we lit a fire without using matches !
Then we played a very energetic game of aero-ball which is like basketball played on a trampoline...
more pics and a vids to follow 


Day 4

Another day ...and more adventures 
climbing ...
the matrix...
an afternoon of kayaking ...
and a beach bonfire to end our final night