St Mary'sCatholic Primary School

‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Yr 3/4 Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Teacher: Mrs Bailey & Mrs Gaglani
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dougan & Mrs Mercer


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Completing homework regularly and reading at home every night is very important to help you progress with their learning. Homework will be sent home every Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. The homework will be a variety of literacy tasks, numeracy tasks and spelling tasks.



You expected to read every night. Parents and carers should regularly sign your home reading diary and add any comments.  Reading logs will be checked every Monday during Library time (this is a chance for you to also change your library book).

Here is a summary of the work we will cover throughout this half term.
Numeracy: place value, mental addition and subtraction, mental and written addition and subtraction on a number line, mental multiplication and division, mental subtraction and addition, written subtraction on a number line and Time.

How to help you child with Maths: 

CHILDREN LEARN YOUR TABLES!!  (It would be helpful to learn and revise ALL times tables.)


  • Count, read, write and order whole numbers to at least 100; know what each digit represents.
  • Know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number to at least 10, all pairs with totals to 20, all pairs of multiples of 10 with totals up to 100.
  • Use and interpret the symbols +/- and = in number sentences.
  • Read, write and order whole numbers to at least 1,000; know what each digit represents.
  • Know by heart 2, 5 and 10 x tables.
  • Count back in 1s, 10s and 100s starting from any two or three digit number.


How to help your child with Literacy

  • Read for pleasure a wide range of books: poetry, myths and legends, fairy tales, newspapers and magazines.
  • Research about climate and living things
  • Practise spellings. (This will be given weekly as homework)
  • Visit the local library.


As a Catholic School, R.E is at the heart of our school life.
The children follow “God Matters”, the Portsmouth Diocesan Religious Education programme, which forms the basis of the school’s Catholic RE curriculum.
Prayer and worship are an important part of the life of our school. The children and staff pray together each day, either in Collective Worship as a whole school or in smaller groups such as Key Stage assemblies or classes. Each day begins and ends with a prayer.


God Matters

The “God Matters” curriculum is followed throughout our school and is split up into ten themes which are revisited and developed each year to support the faith development of the children.

Creation Unit 1-Explores the creation story and considers why we should look after God’s creation.

Children will learn the story of the creation of human beings from the Book of Genesis; explore and understand that humans are created in the image and likeness of God; appreciate and explore how human beings have similarities and differences that should be valued and respected; know how God protects and works through human beings, through the example of Abraham and Isaac; recognise difficulties faced by Abraham and how we can learn from them; be able to identify how we respect and value the image and likeness of God in other people; explore how the school’s mission statement helps us to value and respect the similarities and differences in our school community. 

Prayers, Saints and Feasts Unit 2: Explores our relationships with God and how we celebrate our Saints.

Children will learn about the prayer life of Jesus as he grew up in the Jewish faith. The children will be introduced to some prayers of the Old Testament and reflect on the importance that Jesus attached to prayer and how he taught his followers to pray. Pupils will also reflect on the importance of prayers to Mary in the life of the Church and research the history of the Rosary. Pupils will also learn through the Islamic faith the importance of prayers in other religions.

P.E- Is taught on a Tuesday and Thursday. This term we are lucky enough to have a professional cricket coach every Tuesday. You must have P.E. shirt, shorts and correctly fitted plimsolls or trainers. A track suit can be worn outside in cold weather. If you regularly don’t have the appropriate kit you will receive a letter home.
It is the law that children should have 2 hours of P.E. a week.

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