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‘God gives us Growth’

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Yr 5/6 St Maximilian Kolbe

Welcome to Year 5/6

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Welcome to the Year 5 class page. Your teacher this year is Mr Roper and the classroom assistant is Mrs Elliott.
In Autumn term one (till October half term), we will be studying the topic space.  We will look at the order of our planets, facts and key dates in the space race. 


Homework goes out on Wednesday and needs to be handed in next Wednesday. This gives you a full week including a weekend to get it done. You will need to:

1) Read at least 3 times a week, with your parents signing your journals once to signify that you have read at least 3 TIMES.

2) Complete an item from the homework points grid.  At least one a week.  Do not forget your target for this half term is 32 points!

3) Spellings which will need to be written into a story

4) Practise your times tables

Sometimes the maths might be replaced by a topic based activity.


For help with spelling, there are plenty of really good interactive games and resources which can be found here and here.


Reading is super-uber-amazingly-fantistico-duper important. Make sure you are doing it lots. And then some more. And then a little bit more. And some. Try reading different genres, different authors, and challenge yourself. But most of all, read what you enjoy reading, because reading for enjoyment is as good as it gets. Go to your library. Go to the school library. Go to someone else's library! There should be no stopping you. You're on a mission from the Reading Fairies to get as much reading as possible done and then your teachers will be happy.


BUG CLUB: Bug Club is an excellent reading resource which is browser-based and accessible from home. Not only does it provide good reading material for your children, but asks them questions which help give them the reading comprehension skills that determine their reading levels. It is vital that they get time at home to do this. As part of your reading time with your child, we advise you to spend time reading through some of these texts and seeing how they answer questions (don't "give" them answers ever, but try to "facilitate" them answering the questions themselves - this is relevant across all the areas in which you help your child). We pay lots of money for Bug Club and Sumdog so please encourage your child to use them!



You will need to learn all of your times tables and their division facts. But please badger your parents to test out your mental maths skills. Help them save money with their shopping by annoying them with your money saving tips when calculating on the fly around the supermarket. Who knows, you might make your parents happy with you, and they could get you an extra cola bottle as a thanks.

Remember to go to the Children's Links page to find useful class links on the internet. And remember that there are Sum Dog, Bug Club and Purple Mash which we pay for - please use them! They're awesome.


SUMDOG: Sumdog is a fantastic resource which tests your children on their mental maths skills. It automatically adjusts to their level and learns to ask relevant and challenging questions to push on their learning. All the children in the class have Sumdog passwords and should now be well versed in using the program. The browser-based program can be found here.

Look out here for more fascinating information that will pop into existence when Mr Pearce and Mrs Gaglani can get away from marking your books to thinking about it...




Your child's work will hopefully feature fairly regularly on the school blog which can be found here. Please check the blog often and comment on there to interact with your child and their class (all comments are moderated). This is an effective way of displaying work and raising the profile of writing (and the many other skills, such as computing, that the blog facilitates).


Below you will find the time table and other useful documents and information.

Contact Mr Roper