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‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Yr 6 St Maximilian Kolbe

Home Learning during School Closure

As we are now opening for more pupils in school, we are now asking parents to use the online platforms called Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. If you are unable to access a tablet, laptop or computer at home for your child's learning, please contact the school office and we will sort out a solution for you. 

These platforms are for EVERY child who is not attending school. 

Sumdog and Bug Club Activity over the last 7 days


Special Mention to Anna, Ríona and Truley for spending at least 15 minutes everyday doing Mathematics. 


Congratulations Anna who spent the most time on Reading games on Sumdog!


High Five to these pupils who have spent over an hour in total: Truley, Masion, Anna, Olivia S., Cairon, Nikola and Ríona.


Well done to Olivia S., Evana and Hollie for reading: The Queen's Spy'Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows and The Curse of the Highwayman.



Welcome to St Mary's St. Kolbe class page

Mr O'Donnell & Mrs Elliott



Year 6 - Revision books!!

PE is taught throughout the week. Children must have a P.E. shirt - one with the St.Mary's logo on it or a plain white T-shirt, P.E. shorts and correctly fitting plimsolls or trainers. (Track suits can be worn outside in cold weather.)



Join a Sumdog contest  Sumdog's contests let you compete against other classes - either locally or nationwide.  All contests last a week - from 8am on Friday, local time, to 8pm the following Thursday.  Students who answer 100 questions in a contest will receive an item for their Sumdog house.

Contact Mr O'Donnell