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PE and Sport Premium


Funding Received

No. eligible pupils 270

Total amount received: £9144  - April & October 2016

Funding rate:






Maintain a high level of pupil participation in competitions, interschool sport and events. (2016/17)


To instil a love of sport and physical activity


Employment of sports coaches to

  • Lead PE sessions
  • Develop teacher training



Registered for GSSP festivals available to the school. Increased participation and enjoyment of PE.




To ensure pupils can swim when leaving St Mary’s RC in Year 6 (2015/16 & 2016/17)

Children attend 10 week blocks of swimming lessons at local swimming pool to develop confidence.


Children will leave St Mary’s with increased water confidence.

Order new resources (starting with resources which will benefit teaching/learning most and will have most of an impact). (2015/16 & 2016/17)


All areas of the P.E curriculum are well resourced. Children are motivated and enjoy P.E. Lunch time clubs are starting to be organised with necessary equipment available.


Maintain range and availability of PE equipment so all pupils actively participate in every lesson.

To improve the quality of teaching PE across the school. (2016/17)

Vanessa King (PE Suite) to provide consultancy day and team teach with teachers to help improve their confidence and (201knowledge when teaching P.E.



To improve children’s progress/enjoyment in PE. To ensure staff are confident when teaching PE.

To implement a broad and balanced curriculum based on the school ethos and new curriculum (2016/17)


Long and short term planning will be provided for all teaching staff.


(5 days)

Quality of learning will be improved for the children. Locating high quality planning and resources will be more straightforward for teachers.

Total Spend £9,330



Impact on pupils’ participation:

All pupils experience 2 high quality, engaging PE sessions each week.


The school has been participating in inter-school competitions and has events planned in for the coming year.


Impact on pupils’ attainment :

Participation in both curriculum and extra-curricular sports activities has had a positive and noticeable impact on many pupil’s self-esteem and confidence.


The pupils are starting to develop an increased resilience in tackling a range of new learning activities as a result of their participation in sporting activities.



How the school will sustain the improvements:

Continued employment of the sport coach to lead and further develop sports provision across the school.


Further development of inter-year group competitions as part of the schools PE programme.


Continued coaching of teachers in delivery of high quality PE lessons.