St Mary'sCatholic Primary School

‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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REAL Legacy


Real legacy is an ambitious two-year programme, personalised for your school to make a real difference and create a real legacy for EVERY child.


St Mary's is a Legacy school and we are on a 2-year development journey to ensure the quality and standards of physical education are excellent. We are developing four different areas, which are:

1. The quality of teaching and learning for PE lessons (REAL PE)

2. The quality of delivery and learning for gymnastics (REAL gym)

3. Encouraging and developing pupils to be play leaders (REAL leaders)

4. Improving the parent partnership and encouraging play at home (REAL play)


The children of St Mary's are really enthusiastic about PE and the key learning they have from their lessons is being transferred into the learning that is happening in the classroom. 

For example, in Autumn 1 all classes are focused on 'personal skills' in PE. The key learning from this is being reiterated in the classroom. 


PE Days

School PE kit should be kept in school and it is sent home every term for it to be washed. 

Year GroupDay of the week
ReceptionMonday and Thursday
Year 1Wednesday and Friday
Year 2Wednesday and Friday
Year 3Tuesday and Friday
Year 4Tuesday and Friday
Year 5Monday and Thursday
Year 6Monday and Thursday