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‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Positive Mental Health

How do we promote positive mental health at

St Mary's?

Children's mental health and wellbeing must be in a good and stable state to access learning and remember their learning. Therefore, promoting positive attitudes and sharing strategies is part and parcel of our everyday practise. St Mary's is a happy school and the team work effectively together. Having a school culture that is happy and supportive created a shared sense of belonging in our school. This is what we strive our children to feel everyday. 


Mental health is a complex and multi-faceted term which needs strategic planning and support. As a school we have thought carefully about our universal offer (for all pupils) and our targeted approach (for those that need additional and specialist support).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting one of our team. We would gladly take some time to listen and discuss.