St Mary'sCatholic Primary School

‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Feedback from P4C Students 2014-2015

Annabelle (Yr 5): "It helps you to think more and concentrate more in class. It helps you think about the good and bad side of everything."


Mariusz (Yr 5): "It helps you learn new things as I go home, I think about it, and come back and share my opinions."


Stanley (Yr 5): "I question myself 'Should I say that? Would it hurt that person's feelings?'. Sometimes we say things without thinking. In philosophy you start thinking more and it helps you more in your day to day life."


Beatrice (Yr 5): "It has helped me think harder and give more of my opinions. It also teaches us morals sometimes. I am more confident speaking out."