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‘Dat deus incrementum’

‘God gives us Growth’

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Year 4 @ Stuubington


Monday 30th October


The children are really enjoying themselves and making new friends at Stubbington!


Read more about it here


“Today we had a clawsome day because we had to wrap a friend up!”


“This was so much fun! When we did the mummies and we were all together!”


Tuesday 31st October


We spent the morning pond dipping, after our cabbage and porridge breakfast!

Starting in the classroom we learnt how ponds are formed naturally and what lives in them.
Then we headed out to Murky March And Windy Pond with our nets and mini 'pools'.

This afternoon we went about finding evidence, for Mr Scarborough, that mammals live in the conservation area. Afterwards, we made 5-star hotels for the mice and shrews that live here. 


We went down to the Hide last night, under the display of fireworks. We were hoping this would not scare away the animals!

We had to be patient and quiet, waiting in the Hide.
Eventually, we got to see three foxes, one of which was a fixen and the other a cub.

Unfortunately, no sign of the badgers – fingers crossed we have an opportunity to go to the Hide on Thursday evening!